November of 2009
 “Business computer course’s Instructor reflects on…”

    In order to prepare qualified professionals and to promote Mongolia and Japan’s cultural and other aspects of the two countries’ cooperation, the center has put together various activities and events.
From the first time I came, everyone from receptionist to an administrative staff was welcoming and courteous. Noticeably the staffs are extremely dedicated and conscientious of their duties. Each position is interrelated, and the staffs are in constant contact, hence if any problem arises they handle it right away. It is apparent that there are team of staffs and right administrative management. Mongolia-Japan center has created an incredible environment not only for students or teachers, also for its employees. I wish the Center much success and prosper in future.
Part-time Teacher D.Erdenebat

 “Business computer course’s Instructor reflects on…”

    I am very pleased to work as a part-time teacher with skilled team of staff at Mongolia-Japan Center. One of the best benefits of the center is that it provides the students with the successful learning environment, and also supplies equipments, resources, such as books and other instructional materials.
During my class, I have noted that the students’ computer knowledge and skills differed greatly, which slowed the course progress. For example: few incidents during my class about 2-3 people know about the course, so they would not pay attention and just search around online. This really distract other students.
Therefore in future, students’ computer knowledge should be assessed, and run programs accordingly to students’ ability at different levels.
Part-Time Teacher T. Bulganmaa
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