December of 2009
Farewell to the ending year and let’s welcome the upcoming New Year!

       Time runs on its natural course; it does not pause for us. Five months have passed already since I relocated to Mongolia in July of 2009. I worked in Kobe city, near Osaka, up until May. Soon I moved to Tokyo in June, subsequently to Ulaanbaatar in July to live and work. Hence this year, I have had several changes in my life.
During the past six months, I have experienced and observed the daily transformations that are taking place in Ulaanbaatar city. It is uncertain what the future holds, whether Mongolia maintains its balanced nature and its homeostasis, or how much Mongolia will attain and thrive in its development, etc.
        Since opening in 2002, through July of 2009, the Mongolia-Japan Center for Human Resource Development has served nearly 1,000,000 visitors and is still serving thousands more. This figure is approximately same as the population of Ulaanbaatar city.
        In 2009, our Center began offering various new activities and training courses, such as “Development of Successful Business Model” Project and one-on-one professional consulting to eight pre-selected companies for business training.
        One of our primary missions is to expand the partnership of Mongolia and Japan, to teach Japanese management by sharing historical and current Japanese companies’ successes and to become aware of Japanese corporate culture. In doing so, we anticipate these Business models and Small businesses to become new leaders in the Mongolian economy.
        In the upcoming year of 2010, we are enthused and set to work toward further accomplishments of our Mongolia-Japan Center’s mission.

Welcome! Come and experience Japan with us. (Director Morikawa Hideo)

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