August of 2009
“Photo show”

    Britain’s “Bless a Child Foundation” (now Japan’s “Bless a Child Foundation”) and Mongolian Arts and Culture center worked together and completed the “Child and Camera” project of four years.
The mission of their project was to encourage children to be creative and share their thoughts freely using their artistic skills. There were 56 kids, and they all finished the project successfully.
The display of these children’s artistic work was placed at the Mongolia-Japan center from July 27th to run for two weeks. The center showed its support to Japan’s “Bless a Child Foundation” and to all children who participated in the show. The show displayed 35 kids’ creative work from 1 through 8 levels of the “Child and Camera” project.
There were 12students from 49th secondary school, 18 students from 72nd secondary school, and 5 students from 17th secondary school. They are 8th through 11th grade students between the ages of 14-18 years.
The photos were to capture the beauty of nature, children, and the city life. Total of 6050 people came to see the show.
Congratulations to all participants and wish you all the best of luck!
(Chief Senior staff Kh. Garmaabazar.)

“Introduction to Japanese audio course”

   In order to make the learning experience of Japanese to be fun and simple to study, Mongolia-Japan center has started offering “Japanese audio course”. The course was designed to help students to improve pronunciation, and ability to speak and sing in emotionally expressive tone.
The course is composed of 6 classes, and last class is the singing competition.

    About the Songs:
    1. “Pink Peony”
    Lyrics by Sada Masashi; Performed by Yamaguchi Momoe in1977.
    It is in her 19th album. The song is about a young woman getting ready to marry and missing her mother. This song was a hit in October of 1977, and it is one of the unforgettable Japanese songs.
    2. “Snow Flake”
    Lyrics by Satomi; Melody by Matsumoto Ryoki; Performed by Hakashima Mika in 2003.This song in her 2nd album “Love” along with her other hits, such as “Aishiteiru” and “Find the way”. She received the best album and received gold for her “Uki no hana” or “Snow Flake”.
    3. “Friendship Song”
    Lyrics by Zorr; Melody by Shusui, Frederick Hult and Jonas Engstrand; Performed by Kamenashi Kazuya of “Kat-Tun” group and Yasashita Tomohisa of “News” group in 2005.
    4. “True Love Song”
    Lyrics by Mizuno Sachiyo; Melody by Hinata Toshifumi; Performed by “Le Couple” group in 1997. “Le Couple” was founded in 1990; name of the group means husband and wife.
    5. “Bridge to Famous”
    Lyrics by Kitagawa Yujin; Performed by “Yuzu” group in 2004.
    This was Yuzu’s 21st song. NHK ran this song during the Athens Olympics as their anthem.

This course will be offered again next summer. Thus we welcome you all!
(Japanese Language Division staff E. Mungunsolongo)
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