July of 2009

On July 8th, I came to Mongolia after I got appointed as the director of Mongolia-Japan’s Human Resource Development Center.
Japan has become familiar with Mongolia by our two sumo champions, vast empty land, blue sky, and white yurts.
   Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and Mongolian National University (MNU) has teamed up together and started the “Human Resource Development” project. The three main goals of the project are:
   1. Develop Human Resource to contribute in market economy, 2. Become the educational basis of Japanese language and spread it,3. Expand Mongolia and Japan’s relations The center’s library is for any age customers.
Since opening in March of 2002, the Mongolia-Japan Center has reached one million visitors on July 3rd, still growing on daily basis.
   Up until the end of May, I was working as a director of JICA-Hiyogo International center. Hiyogo International center is the bridge between foreign trainees, and international networks. Therefore, I wish Mongolia-Japan’s Human Resource development center to have thousands of visitors, and promote our two nations relations and bring cultural awareness to all.
(Director Morikawa Hideo)

“Steppe Marathon 2009”

   On Sunday the July 26th, Metropolitan Travel Agency, Japanese Embassy, Mongolia-Japan center, Japanese Citizen’s Association and Mongolian Lightweight Athletics Association put together the “Steppe Marathon 2009”. This is the 13th international marathon and was held in “Tsonjin Boldog” of Tuv province’s Erdene soum.
The purpose of this event was to promote our city Ulaanbaatar by supporting travel agencies and routes, and organizing the international type of activities.
First, the marathon started off at the Sukhbaatar square and end at Circus. After 2 hours of bus ride to Tsonjin Boldog, it was nice to see our great king and conqueror of the world Genghis Khan’s statue from such distance and heart warming. There were athletes from Mongolia, Japan, Russia and Germany in the marathon to compete. Although there were quiet a few older participants, the youngest athlete was 8 years old Enerel.
   From our center 8 athletes competed, and it was my first time, 3km distance.
   I felt embarrassed of myself when I saw older people running in long distances, whether they are Mongolians or not. The man and woman, the winners of long distance and half marathon, were presented with foals of racing ancestry. After the marathon, all athletes and participants got to know each other while eating complimentary smoked meat. It was a memorable day in the beauty of Mongolian nature.
(Library staff D. Ulamtsengel)

Comments on Training

   We did training at the Mongolia-Japan center from June 15th through July 24th for 45 days.
We trained at Japanese language division, Library and reception for 2 weeks each. During my training at Japanese Language division, we practiced translation using the DVD of “Japan Topics”. At the front desk, working as a receptionist thought me customer service and courteous communicational skills. Working at the Library was a role reversal; we are customers of the Library and being on the other side of the counter made me realize and credit their work. We would remind customers to be more courteous of others and staff; try to take all items that you need before giving your bag to us to store for you. Having multiple of customers come up and ask to take item from their belongings can distract other customers and does not allow the staff to work efficiently.
   Mongolia-Japan center’s tenet is always be on time, stay organized, detail-oriented, excellent communication skill and be courteous and respectful of everyone. At first, 6 weeks seemed long, however it is almost the end and we’re little sad. The time we spent with wonderful staff of high productive, efficient and friendly colleagues, has passed too soon.
During our training at the center, we learned a lot of valuable lessons and skills. We can honestly say this experience was one of our life’s happiest moments.
   We wish you all the luck in your future aspirations!
(МMNU students Baasansuren and Enkhtsetseg)
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