April of 2009
“Training aimed to improve the guide skill in Japanese language was held successfully”

      The Mongolia – Japan Center held successfully its annual 4th training aims to improve the guide skill in Japanese language. The training aims to prepare professional guide and human resource that can contribute to the tourist industry of Mongolia.
Japanese and Mongolian teachers teach the training courses in Japanese. The Center tries to involve only people who have certain experience of guiding and tourist sector. It makes the training special.
The present training was held between 13 – 25 April involving 29 people from the 40 applicants. The first days of the training were silent may be because the students didn’t know each other. But they knew each other after the first internship that follows the first week of having the class and the silent class turns to a noisy class even they had close talk during the break time.

The first internship work was to explain about the museum. The students tried to explain the museum displays based on their knowledge that gained during the class and their own skill. Also, the teachers said that they had learnt from their students’ museum explanation. The next internship was held in the “13th Century” park and students interested more the park that aims to display the real lifestyle and husbandry of the 13th century. They said that the internship made them more close to the history and culture of the century. While they enriched their knowledge of the history and culture they also practiced their table culture and rule.

Two weeks passed like a gun shoot and there was exam day. As usual, the training involvers took written and spoken exams and successful graduators received the training certificate. Mining and tourism sectors are the key sectors to contribute to the development of our country. Therefore, we, Mongolian youths must know our geography, land and historical scenes. A guide should have experience to work with people who come to research Mongolian minerals not only with tourists.
We wish you all graduators from the 4th training titles “Improve the guide skill in Japanese language” best wishes and success in your guiding career.
(B. Saruul, officer of Business course)

~Japanese languages teaching course graduators’ thought~
      Thank you very much for joining with us today.

We had spent not so long but also not so short period of 6 months together. Thank you so much my classmates who always encouraged and supported me during this 6 months period. I had gained so much knowledge and skill to teach Japanese language. Of course, you all have same thought as me. Compared with the same period last year when I had any skill to teach Japanese, my desire to become a teacher arose. Teacher Suzuki Kanko suggested me to become a teacher. The teacher pays attention to me with her kind and warm heart. That is why I had decided to become a teacher like her and teach Mongolian children Japanese language and enroll the course. Before the course I had no experience of teachning and I thought that only teaching methodology is necessary to become a teacher. But it was wrong. I had understood that teaching is very hard since I begun to teach independently. Then I got strongly that what knowledge and skill are needed, and qualtities of being a teacher.

      During the methodology course I had the time to think “it is very difficult and stressful” but I never minded to give up. It is maybe because of my big desire to become a teacher. And I want to stress the support and encourage of Fujishima teacher who was always nice and taught us much and my classmates. Now it is already 4 months since I had began my teaching career. I always use my knowledge and skill when I learnt during the course. I face so many unknown things during my classes.

As Mongolians say “a mistake teaches”, I try to not repeat my mistakes twice. I feel that there are numerous things we have to study and I will do it. I wish you all to become a good teacher of Japanese language.

At last, I want to express my great gratitude to Koyma, officer of information, culture and education department of Japanese Embassy, Onuki, vice president of the JICA representatives office in Mongolia, Mr. Nakamura, director of the development center of human resource of Mongolia – Japan, Fujishima, officer of Japanese language of the MJC and all staffs of the center. (Janbota, graduator)

~Break time~ “Khamriin khiid”

      Khamriin khiid (Nose Monastry), Dornogobi province has a perfectly harmonious location where Danzanravjaa Khutugt was born (1803-56).
He devoted great efforts to the cause of public education, which he promoted at Khamar Monastery through the establishment of an inclusive public school, theatre, “Givaadin Ravjaalin” museum-church and library. He wrote about 100 songs /most of them is long songs/, about 300 peoms /about 150 in Tibet language/, 10 notes of play writing and numerous religious teachings and fine arts.
Danzanravjaa was poisoned to death in his 53-years-old. His funeral urn is stored in the museum of Sainshand city, Dornogobi province. It is said that Danzanravjaa established the Khamriin khiid to meet his pupils and followers in the the Shambala. Everyone who reached to the Shambala takes a stone from the land and registers his/herself whistling his/her name to the stone. The Shambala is the place that we call the world energy center.
Everyone who reached to the place tries to get the energy by lying, walking barely and other ways that they can afford. I heard before that when receiving the energy from a local person the palm of the person who received it turns to golden yellow. Unfortunately, my palm did not turn to this color. But it was very interesting that only the area has cellular phone network even there is no network equipment or antenna. Why does only the Shambala have the network? Maybe it confirms that the place has the energy which is impossible to see and touch. So then, I thought that the place has energy and passed the energy my relatives and friends through cell phones.
      There is a cave where Danzanravjaa and pupils performed their religious rituals. Of course, I was in the cave. “Why did Danzanravjaa choose only this place to perform his religious ritual even the area is so wide?,” I thought. Maybe he knew that it is the best place to perform religious acts.
The Khamriin khiid is very interesting tourist destination. Unfortunately, there is no service to keep the tourists comfortable and satisfied.
      If there was a tourist camp at least tourists and visitors can receive more energy having delicious food and staying in the place. It is very important to keep the environment and natural scene still when establishing the tourist camp not only from the economic point of view. If we can establish the natural park that keeps the environment still local community life will be increased and tourists will receive more energy relaxing and seeing the natural beauty.
( O. Ochir-Erdene, clerk of the center)
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