March of 2009
“Who can speak Japanese best?”

      Embassy of Japan, Japanese teachers union of Mongolia, Mongolian-Japanese Human Resource Development Center jointly organized the competition every year and the 14th competition was held at the Mongolia - Japan Center on 28, March. Totally, 89 people (students, workers) participated in the first stage selection (writing, composing exam), and 10 people were selected in second stage. More than 160 people in the central hall of the center admired abilities of the 10 people. Composition topic of this year is “What a pity!”
      This was a useful toic and the all compositions were different from each other. There were many interesting compositions such as representing Mongolians view to save on everything is needed in environment and with the content to protect nature, composition warn students “What a waste of time” if we couldn’t learn on time, and we use pure water everyday without saving “What a pity!” etc.
      During the selection participants introduced their composition within 5-6 minutes, then answered the 4 judges’ questions. Then B. Yanjinlkham, senior student of Japanese Language department, Language Study School, University of Science and Tecnology took the 1st place, Buyanjargal.Ts, senior student of Japanese language class, Foreign language School, Mongolian National University took the 2nd place, Ariungoo.O, sophomore student of Japanese language class, Foreign language school, Mongolian National University.
      Japan fund granted certificate to travel in Japan to the winner and mementos to the others.
      I think the most important thing to write composition is representing views by the own words. Word from someone’s heart is powerful. So the participant who used Japanese completely and tried to express own views completely can excite listeners.
Everyone who wants to speak Japanese best can participate I the competition. So I would like to invite all of you to participate in next competition.

(Erdenetsetseg.E, clerk of Japanese language course)

Feelings of new worker “A new time of my life”

      Human life is long but very short. My student years were funny and happy like others. But it was too short and I had to think about my future. It is time to start my own life working and having career. It was impressive to do and take responsible at the first time. I was not only pleased but also impressed thinking about today is a first day of work.
      People who connected with tha Japan know Mongolia - Japan Center anyway. Then people visit the Center when they need information about Japan.
I became one of the workers who organize interesting activities and trainings. I was very pleased. However I have less experience, I will try my best.
      I was provided in 2 days introduction lesson about the center’s activities. Then I understand the center’s wide range activities and got detailed informations of the regular training, seminar, internal structure, objectives of the center.
      I said to myself “I became a member of popular organization, so I have to try”. This is the time for young generation to do something for our country’s development.
       Finally, I would like to day that lets do our work best it is a kind of contribution to our country’s development. So let’s start everything from today. Time is money.
(B. Belgun, a new officer of the center)

Brief time. What is a Bio-business known as new field in Japan.

      The world is globalizing day by day. What is the subject of study in the field of “International Bio-business”?. Bio of the Bio-business is a living things such as crops used in foods, animals, pets and sea foods etc.
The companies running their activities on the living thing is a Bio-business and the organization study the company’s activities is a Bio-business study. Food is beig studied at the international level in the globalizing world.
Food studying at the international level is the international Bio-business studying. Bio-business can be divided inti 4 groups “Production”, “Processing”, “Turnover, Transportation” and the “Production linked with food” supply technology, raw material, information, service, inseparable part of the field’s development.

Bio-business studies following 3 fields:
• “Management – marketing”: Studying of knowledge and capability on management, strategy and economy, also the knowledge on transportation, turnover, market studying and creating brand.
• “Management information”: Management studying, information processing such as programming, information analyzing, data processing.
• “Natural resources, environmental business”: Environmental business technology studying such as natural resources, environmental and agricultural education to protect nature and agricultural weather, soil product capacity assessment.
In other words, “International Bio-business study” conducts researches on the protection food and the environmental issues that the worldwide issues. In the other side, it is a study field that can attract Mongolian scholars.
(Ch. Orkhon. a new officer of the center)
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