February of 2009
“Food safety”

      Food safety is never been written in Japan like today.
Actually up to now Japan foods are good qualified. But recently imported foods increasing in result of decreasing domestic food supply and imported foods from China giving rise to doubt.
      And what is more, number of consumers avoid buying foods from China is increasing. Chemical manure appeared in fruits, vegetables from China, hit the headlines and scared people. However a year past since the fact it is not clear until now.
It is impossible to blame Japanese consumers who don’t know real condition of recent Japan food.
      But according to the study of Tokyo and Ministry of Health and Labour, chemical manure appeared in not only fruits, vegetables from China but also in Japan fruits. It was proved by investigation and there is not big gap between the results. Actually it may took people’s attention because of products from China a lot.
      Japan products 40% of their foods domestically and they have a tradition to buy foods from others by their profits of foreign trade. But the world economic crisis lead Japan buy expensive foods from abroad. Also they increase product price in order to sell crops nature origin products at a good profit in production of bio chemical raw material and alchohol.       In result of a population growth and other unpleasant situation, poor qualified foods are being imported to Japan. It is taking more attention.
Beside the unpleasant things, a factory made a trouble, used and sold dirty rice for production in food and hidden it. Troubles like that are being made continuously. Also the trouble reproduced expired foods and reused food waste in luxury restaurant. Factory administrative and directors’ ideas to gain more money in easy way lead the troubles and also careless specialists and engineers affected it.
There is no denying that the recent manufacturers’ moral is failing. It is needed in Japan “Mottonai idea” or idea to treat everything economically, of Vangari Maatai, Africa.
      Actually it is quiet profitable in the field of food. There are two sides in both Food hygienic law and Food reproducing law (to decrease food waste). These are opposite to each other.
For example, it will be held responsible according to the Food hygienic law, in the case reproduce food waste.
There is much food waste in Japan restaurants. It is restricted to get food to home because of a probability of food poisoning id high.
Японы ресторануудад үлдэгдэл хоол ихээр гардаг.
It can be profitable, if we reuse the food waste in food or animal fodder.
Also it is important the supermarkets have to pay attention on their semi-finished foods and expiry dates of the foods, and exterminate the expired foods. It is unclear the supermarkets exterminate the expired foods. For example, the Sushi passes through 3 rings to the consumer’s plate. If there is none to eat it, it will be exterminated. It would be a pity for the eatable food. I worry many things as a specialist of food production and food hygienic.
(Sato Masatada, short term expert of Business course)

“Wheelchairbound people were provided in paper folding lesson”

      On the occasion of International disabled people day, wheelchair bound people union of Mongolia organized “Free environment” journey and the group of the journey visited in Mongolia - Japan Center. On the day so amny people gathered in the center. There is a recent study, 2000 wheelchair bound people live in Mongolia. But there are very few special roads for them.
In frame of the journey, the people were provided in paper folding lesson. 9 wheelchair bound women participated in the lesson and objective of the lesson was different from previous lessons. The objective was not only to introduce internet and its advantage but also introducing Japanese culture at least little.
The women participated actively in the lesson and some of them were folding capably the Japanese kite. Japanese believe that the pain will be revealed in result of thousands of kites folding. In further, I would like to teach the folding to more people and build up equal society without discriminate.
(D. Ulamtsengel, officer of the Mongolia - Japan Center)
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