May of 2008
Why can’t eating a meal be like taking medicine?

    Do we live to eat or eat to live? This was the title of the book B.Gerelmaa wrote who is the presenter at the 31rd open seminar. People maybe too quick to answer this question but we have to think first.
What do we eat and live for? Instructor Gerelmaa is the head of the “VIP Club”, adviser to the Soyolj Center, and member of Mongolian Lectures center. She is lawyer. Ever since she was young girl, she had a headache, pain in stomach and one time diagnosed of ovarian cancer. Because of that, she started studying and practicing medicine and healthy eating.
. Eventually, she became healthy and she wants to share her experience with others. We eat because we need to revive and nourish our body. Most people think they having a good food but they may not get the right nutrition. We addicted to the taste and forget what food does to the internal organs such as stomach, liver and kidney.
Nowadays we use many stages of processed goods which are artificial or died for long time. For example, brown sugar is better than processed white sugar but we buy white sugar based on the look. So, make right decision based on the nutrition not on the look thus we stay healthy and will live longer.
At the end, we would like use Gerelmaa’s favorite quote from Kunz If you lose money its nothing, if you lose time it’s a lot but if you lose your health that’s all.
(Senior staff B.Bolorsaikhan)

The Center has “Let’s talk in Japanese” hour

    The library is starting “Let’s talk in Japanese” series starting from this month. Students who are learning Japanese do not get many chances to practice the language with native speakers thus through this session we hope to provide an opportunity to practice Japanese and improve their skills.
On May 21st, we organized our first class “Graduation time”. Participants were 20 students from various Mongolian universities and guests were 2 Japanese students who studying in Mongolia. Beginning of the class to ease the pressure students played fun game to memorize each other’s names.
Then two guest speakers talked about graduation ceremony of Japanese middle, high-school and university. They provided interesting information where girls can ask for the second button of the uniform from senior class boy who she likes.
Participants asked if there is a graduation song exists, what is the name of the song, if the students go on trip after the graduation, how much students spend on graduation clothes, what kind of clothes they wear etc.
Guest informed the participants on Japanese students do not celebrate or spend much money on graduation, they do not change clothes, and they tend to be sad not happy because they are parting from their long time friends. We sang this year’s graduation song “Hello my life” and Japanese graduation song together.
We do hope that our participants learned new words and practiced their Japanese in hour and half. We will continue our class on interesting topics and welcome you to join us.
(Library staff N.Khaliunaa)

“Small and Medium enterprises management and evaluation”

    Annual business practice course "Small and Medium enterprises management and evaluation" started its registration and organized the course on May 5th 2008. Aimed to train the management staff from the manufacturing and service industry, the course had 22 participants from manufacturing and 28 from the service industry.

Every year number of participants from rural are growing and this time we have business owners from Bayankhongor and Dornod provinces. There are 7 topic covers in this course and in May we organized Japanese style of management and strategy, 5S principles for intensification for activities and Structure of the supermarket and service centers.

From May 5th to 9th, we held the course Japanese style management and its strategy. During the class, we discussed the advantages of Japanese style of management, profit-based company in the market economy, and management style from the human resources view.

May 26th to 29th, we organized the course Structure of the supermarket and service centers. We covered areas such as role of the shopping centers, square and human size, selection of products, sections, cafeteria plan, customer satisfaction and worked as a team on the real store.
Next month in June, we will organize business introductory course "Finance management" on June 28th, 2008. We welcome everyone who are interested in.
(Business course staff Odgerel)
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