February of 2008
International quality management standard "ISO9001" seminar

“Delivered my 4 months of work”

   I worked as a business course specialist at the Mongolia-Japan Center from November 1st, 2007 to February 28th of this year.
I would like to thank many people who worked with me and helped me during this short time. Prior to finish my work here in Mongolia, we organized the course "ISO9001". The reasons we held this course were:

  1. The number of companies in Mongolia is growing every year and the          success of each of them will depend on their operation and the management is trying to meet the international standard ISO9001.
  2. In the future, ISO standard will provide comparative edge to Mongolian companies those who want to compete in the international market.
  3. During my stay in Mongolia, many people asked us about international standard ISO9001.

  Let"s briefly introduce you the international standard ISO9001. When we talk about quality, it is common that people think of manufactured goods at first. Since 2001, they changed the ISO9001 to include the various sectors, especially service industry. Schools and dentist offices in Japan, airplane and postal service companies in Thailand, and bank and government offices in Vietnam are obtaining the ISO9001 certificate. ISO focuses on the quality of the goods and services as well as the customer satisfaction. By obtaining the ISO, the company is valued as trustworthy, transparent, and equal opportunity.

   For this course, our graduates from the business course 1-6 participated. Senior and medium level managers from the construction, printing, information technology, supermarket, and businesses attended the course. All the attendants wanted to obtain the ISO9001 certificate as soon as possible. Guest speaker from the National Chamber of Commerce provided the latest information on ISO9001 in Mongolia. Spokesperson said they organize bi-annual training for three days however the number of participants is always exceed the limit of 50 people and available space is booked ahead of time.
Currently in Mongolia, there are 17 companies that has received ISO9001 certification (6 of them are service companies) but there is only 2 auditors and they are in a shortage of advisers. There is no official organization that handles the private sector standard thus only Mongolian Standard and Measurement Agency is handling all the requests. We need to have adequate structure to handle the requests, train auditors and advisers in order to provide ISO9001 certificate.
President of Mongolia declared the 2008 as “Food Safety Year” and rallied to utilize the HACCP (Food safety management system), GMP (Good manufacturing practice), and ISO9001 International standard.

   I wish all the best for the future development of Mongolia.
(Business course expert Kurahara Kenji)

Feedback on short-term training at JICA

  I attended the practice course in Japan from Jan 14th through Feb 2 of 2008. Although this was the coldest month in Japan, colleagues from JICA welcomed me in warm way. 21 days seemed very short for the activities we planned for the training. However, JICA employees provided sufficient information and I had no doubt to complete the course. I was in a group with colleagues from Vietnam-Japan and Kirgiz-Japan Centers.

   The two main focuses of the course were lecture seminar and field trip. I briefly introduce you the lectures, I liked the most.
Training started with course “About Japan” and we learned about Japanese culture, history, society, history of employment, human resources, social services and the latest information of Japan. During the “Business ethic” course, I learned important qualities of the service industry employee. For example, we learned about how to treat the customer and guest, how to exchange name cards, how to serve tea and take the guest to a car etc.
Advertisement course taught us how important part the advertisement plays in the service industry and its types. I developed the Alpha blog segment which will target the audience who are interested in Japanese language courses based on the knowledge I obtained from the course.
My teacher said Mongolian internet and computer service could be unsatisfactory for you to exercise your idea but you will know the results only after you try. In addition to above-mentioned activities, we visited the Japan Student Service Organization (JASSO), Japan foundation and its Japanese language center.
Although, I have worked at the Mongolia-Japan Center for 2 years, my knowledge of Japan and JICA was very limited. After visiting the JICA Headquarters, JICA Chiku-Hiroba, and JICA Hyogo centers, I understood the capacity, structure, mission and areas they work. Also, from my group members I learned about the unique or similar activities we organize at our respective centers and we shared ideas.
(Japanese language staff T.Sansartuya)


  I met my first Japanese person when I was 16 years old. When I was young I used to spend my summers with my parents in the nature. River runs through our back yard and mountain stay still in the background. I would wake up early in the morning to bring water from the river. I would wash my face with cold water and bring five liters of water for my mom for tea.

   Suddenly one summer, construction workers started to cut down the trees. Our neighbor grandpa asked them not to cut the trees but they did not listen. Soon after, river stopped running and grace faded away.

   We decided to re-create our little forest and started planting trees. To help us, volunteers from Japan came to our town. I was very impressed with their work ethnic and the kind heart to help others in spite of language difficulty. Thanks to them, our neighborhood looked really nice.

   I studied Japanese starting from that winter. It was very hard in the beginning to learn kanji and counting. But the rich vocabulary and soft sound kept me interested in and I wanted to learn more.

   I heard hurricane often destroys the beautiful nature in Japan and people’s livelihood. Someday, I hope to return the favor to my Japanese friends.

   (Staff O.Enkhtsolmon)

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