December of 2007
The latest economic condition of Mongolia

  I have had the chances to visit to several factories and companies and meet in person with businessmen who graduated from the business training that held in the Mongolia – Japan Center since my arrive in Mongolia in 1st November. I want to say briefly about Mongolian economy even I am here in the very short time.

1.Business opportunity is higher in Mongolia: Currently, most of the readymade or raw products and goods are exported. For example, 70% of the preservative yogurt is exported from Russia, raw materials of glass goods from China and wood of furniture and wooden goods from Korea.
Of course, raw materials processing equipments are exported from China, Korea and other neighbor countries. However, no long time is required to become industrialized country of main raw materials there are many things that the country can provide itself with such as food and other goods.
I want to repeat that business opportunity is much bigger in Mongolia. Egg producer who started his business just a year ago now has capacity to produce the food for their chickens that exported from abroad.
2. Young businessmen: Most of the businessmen who starting their business, planning the business expansion project and implementing numerous operations are 20-30-years-old. The guys are working hard and learning much things to run their business successfully and expand their business area.
While they have time to meet difficult situations and give up nearly their goal, also there is time to succeed and be proud of what they have achieved.

3.From service sector to the industrial sector: It is already 6 years from the time when the Mongolia – Japan Center was established. Recently, retailers have been involved more in the business training by the Center not industrial workers.
It can be explained by many factors such as the service sector is affordable to run business even he/she has small capital and they want to run their own industrial business after gaining the knowledge of the retailing and product management, and business experience.
A bread producer from Erdenet who started his business selling flour runs his bread baking and dealing in business even it has much expense. As mentioned above, a young man established his own house furniture factory based on his knowledge and experience that gained during the 5 years when he had exported and sold house furniture from Korea. 4.A step toward: The similarity between these successful businessmen is that they receive more information than other businessmen.
They participate usually in the fairs that are organized in China, Japan and European countries, and work hard to expend their business trying all the possibilities and learn well to gain more business skills based on their business thought and experience that gathered while studying abroad.
That is why they could have their own business methods and skills on their own. They know well that they should do more and lead others to raise their success. Also, they know that it is possible to achieve much success within only 2 or 3 years. However, they have financial difficulties to make their possibility real.
Particularly, the requirements such as short term loan and its high interest, and 2-3 higher security capital make the difficulties for the business who want to run industry and construction business. We will discuss about this issue again. 5.The responsibility of the Mongolia – Japan center: Employees of the newly coming industries and companies, young and new businessmen have much desire to run business and produce everything that meets the demand.
The current economic situation in Mongolia is same to the post- war period when Japanese people got over the difficulties by their reconstruction work. Therefore, the Mongolia – Japan Center must pass the business experience of the period to the future builders of Mongolia.
(Kurahara Kenji, expert of business course)

About a proverb
 Proverb is intellectual property of every nation and it expresses the whole culture, lifestyle as well as it is related to the value of their lives. In addition, it is the key to know well the history, culture and custom of the nation. Proverbs are produced during the daily lives and used widely. Let me introduce a Mongolian national proverb.

“Good thought brings milk
Bad thought brings soot” (word for word translation)”

  It teaches that the reply of all good heart, wish and help always return also any bad thought and heart replies to the person who had it.
Dairy food and products are one of the most valuable things for nomadic Mongolians and they say that white color of milk and milk foods symbolize every peaceful and good thing. Japanese word 「真っ白」that means the whitest has equivalent with Mongolian word that means white as milk.
Compared to the meanings that milk and white as milk, soot has meaning of dark and bad things. Therefore, we can say that “milk” and “soot” in above proverb are comparisons of “white” and “dark.”
We had interest whether there is same proverb in Japanese and found finally a proverb 陰徳あれば陽報あり」that means “Every good thing replies also in good way.” According to the study on the Mongolian and Japanese proverbs, their language, culture and customs are quiet different but their attitudes to life and values are nearly same.
(E. Erdenetsetseg, officer of Japanese language course)

Another fiscal year of the Mongolia – Japan Center

  The past fiscal year of the Mongolia – Japan Center was full of many important operations. First of all, we celebrated the 5th anniversary of our center and organized many activities for the anniversary. Our reputation was increased thanks to the operations specially the visit of the Prince of Japan.

Thanks to the hard and efficient operation of our staff, number of our customers is more than 720 thousand which is nearly 70 percent of the capital city population. Although there are people who have wrong understanding about the Mongolia – Japan Center (MJC) and its operation.
Some people see our Mongolian staffs who work for the MJC and other Japanese organization as the people who are serving for Japanese goodness. They do not say directly but they still keep the thought in their mind. It is because maybe we have not enough advertisement about our Center, and its goal and operation. The Center, a gift from the government and people of Japan was established 5 years ago and this coming year we are starting our next 5 years. The building and furniture were handed to NUM in March 2002. So then, the center is the property of Mongolians, to be more specific it is the property of NUM.
But there are some people even NUM teachers ask the question “When will the Center be given us, Mongolians?” It is known clearly that the Center is financed by the International Cooperation Organization of Japan (ICOJ) until it will be financially independent. The first five-year project for the MJC finished and ICOJ decided to implement the next five-year project which was very significant decision for Mongolia. What is the goal of MJC? Why did Japan build the center for us? Everyone wants to ask and ask these questions. The MJC aims to support human resource development which is lacking during the economic transition period.
So then, the Center is not a common cultural center to advertise Japan but it is the center where you can receive necessary and important knowledge and information. We want people to see our center as the human resource development center and contact and communicate us for this purpose. Japanese experts and specialist are appointed to work for our center and they help us to conduct the center structure and operation. We are not sure to achieve this success without their support and encouragement. Furthermore, we will need Japanese support and assistance even Mongolians will have full right of the center. But we should aim to keep the current success and develop it more. We want our staffs, and cooperating organizations and individuals to work hard to develop the MJC which has the key role to strengthen the relationship between two countries. Best wishes.
(Vice director Ts. Davaadorj)

Air pollution

  Number of tourists who want to see the beautiful nature and wide steppe of Mongolia and get experience nomadic lifestyle once at least is continuously increasing. Particularly, there are not few foreigners who want to live and work in the capital city of Mongolia. Unfortunately, the air pollution which is one of the most facing problems to Mongolian society has increased 10% than its allowed level. Foreigners who live in the capital city and even Mongolians have health problems caused by the air pollution and lung disease cases increase in big amount among the citizens.
However, there are many projects and policies are implemented by the government of Mongolia there is no certain results. I think that we should learn experiences from other countries that had faced same problems. However, I hope that if every Mongolian try hard we will achieve result at least little.
(D. Tungalag, Assistance of Business course)
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