1st floor


For information, please start here. New information on the courses and activities are available here.
If you are taking a class or visiting the Library, please hang your coat here.

Latest newspapers and journals are displayed here.
There is a bulletin board with announcements, advertisements about Mongolia/Japan cooperative events, and upcoming exhibits. The same information is also available on the computers in the lounge.
There is a 42-inch video display showcasing the natural beauty of Japan, along with footage from the Grand Sumo tournaments.

An ID card is required for access. There are 62 seats available: 7 workstations with Internet access, 4 seats for viewing videos and DVDs, and 4 seats for listening to audio types.
There are shelves of newspapers, magazines, and professional journals; information about studying in Japan; and information on official development aid.
Computers for Internet access are equipped with Japanese, English and Mongolian fonts.
Printing and copying services are available for fee.

    Multipurpose room
There are modular partitions available to subdivide the space into as many as three separate rooms.
Can accommodate up to 150 people.
Equipped with a video projector and DVD player, microphones, Kodascope film projector, etc.


Second floor
    Culture exchange room
It is a traditional room in the style of a Japanese tea house.
The room is floored with eight tatami mats (made of straw).
The space was established to introduce Mongolians to traditional Japanese tea ceremonies.

        Japan Club
Space available for NGOs and NPOs affiliated with Mongolia and Japan.
Postal mail and fax services are available.
An application must be completed before using the space.

        Computer training room
We have 20 computers connected to network drive.

  Seminar room 
Can be divided into two rooms with 30 seats each, or can be used as one large room.